Shine bright like the Sun in this summer!

Summer and parties belong to the different poles of the earth. Our make up is always ready to get ruined during summer! But we cannot chuck the party animal aura from us. So what’s the solution? Yeah I know pool party is the shiz in this time. But we cannot reject those party invitations which are not going to be held inside water! A thoughtful mind can solve everything. So better take a deep breath and think for a while.

Bingo! I got my solution. Moreover I cannot ignore black during summer because I have a huge crush on this colour. So I choose to wear a black maxi dress for a birthday party tomorrow. Yeah bright colours are always welcome. But to carry my new tan fringe bag this dress was the best option. To enhance the neckline of the maxi dress I pick up a black handmade ethnic choker. Well I have a soft corner for mix and match because this look represents the free soul inside you. Picking up whatever you like and carrying that with confidence is the main secret to look good. It is not mandatory to look perfect all the time. Rather you should have that confidence to look perfect in imperfection.


By adding that neckpiece my attire got the look what I actually wanted. To add more drama I choose to make my eyes smokey. Usually I prefer winged eyeliner, especially with western outfit. But smokey eyes made the look mysterious. I believe that, everything in this world has a story. So your style should also have a story to tell.

Who doesn’t love independence? So don’t think twice to flaunt it. To emphasize your boho nature a fringe bag is more than perfect. Those fringes are just like your free soul which likes to dance around the world. I believe this look depicts that nothing can bind you.

A pair of comfy silver sandals is the best match with this dress.  Treat your hair as accessories. But try to keep your hair away from your neck to avoid having sweat and to flaunt that vivid neckline. A bun is the best hairdo you can have for this look. That’s it because in summer less is more.


Fill your closet with these things to get this look:

  • A black maxi dress.
  • A black handmade neckpiece
  • A fringe bag
  • A pair of comfy sandals.

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