The day the city got drenched!

I chose to use stairs instead of pressing the lift’s button. While walking down the stairs, for a fraction of second I reached Kolkata… yeah the smell of drenched soil has always made me feel like keeping the smell into a bottle which I can use as perfume. Coming back to reality, I knocked my head thinking whether it is really raining in Bangalore.

I peeped through the window and what I saw was really mesmerizing. After a tiring day a raindrop of this city touched my hand for the first time. The drop was shining because of the dimming sunlight in the afternoon. Fortunately I was not carrying umbrella to stop myself from cuddling the raindrops. Suddenly Bangalore got painted with different shades.  The sky of this city always looks clear and blue. But because of the pieces of clouds roaming around, the sky started looking gloomy but intense.

Those straight headed trees on the roadsides took a bath after a long time. The way they were moving branches was not lesser than any dancing peacock. The cars were so busy in wiping their spectacles to look into the soaked road. Thousands of raindrops were embracing each other on the street floor and creating a shape of a painting canvas.

People on the road were trying to get shrunk to be fitted under the shades. Their formal white collared shirts got drenched and the original intuition was peering through their wet attires. Everyone was playing with rain, as if it was a vacation.

The sound of the raindrops was going beyond horns of the traffic. After getting on an auto the rhythm and the flow induced me to pamper my ear with some good tunes. I tucked my headphone into my ear. I was wondering how a rough and parched place can turn into a pleasant heaven. My hair was rolling with the breeze and falling on my face. The perception of seeing this city had been changed. Yes this city also breathes, this city laughs with nature, this city also cries, this city also can imagine. Yes this city also has a story. But it just keeps its story right inside the fold of its glittery clothes. Apparently if we look into it from other side we can read those stories easily.

“70 bucks madam”, the auto driver asked for. I came out of my imaginary world and realized that, again I have to enter into the closed-door place. I opened the window right beside my bed. I turned off the light. Still my playlist was soothing my ear with the song “listening to the wind of change”!


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