Stay rooted. Stay bright. Stay enchanted.

IMG_20160307_184305Hello friends.

We always value our roots when we stay away from this. Despite being so ‘Selfie-centric’ these days, we remember our home and closed ones when we are far away from them. Though technology bridges the distance between us through skype, but it is never equal to a face to face meeting. Hold on… I am blabbering this because I am going through this phase in Bengaluru right now. But emptiness sometimes instigates human beings to add on ingenuity to their drained mind.

Well, wearing an ethnic dress on special occasional days has been very special for me. But while staying in another city, it becomes more fascinating because I turn into the representative of my culture.

Last weekend to dig up a break from the corporate customs, I picked up a black tee shirt having a sketch portrait of Rabindranath Tagore. Our general notion of modernity can be customised by his write ups. It was a great feeling when people out there was recognizing me as ‘”oh she is a bong”.

That emotion motivates me to put on ethnic attire this weekend also. I choose to wear a tribal printed short palazzo with a solid black fitted top. I know that I would be going to a pub, but I pick this dress instead of a regular LBD. This tribal print represents a broad part of West Bengal. The culture of West Bengal is highly influenced by the tribal community. The way the tribal women tie up their hair and the way they apply Kajal has always been very eye-catching to me. This style enhances their features. Their junk jewelleries have become a fashion trend throughout the country.

Since I would be going to a pub, instead of being entirely ethnic I choose to try a fusion look by carrying a sling black denim bag, a scarf, and a silver flat sandal. To add more drama I apply a bold line of kajal and tied up a messy bun. The big silver earrings and bangles which I bought from a tribal fair make me feel more vivid.  Being bohemian obviously gives me a vacation from dressing up in formal attire every day.

You can try:

  • You can pair up this palazzo with a crop top also if your midriff area is in shape.
  • You can try it with a denim or solid coloured waistcoat also.
  • To make this look bolder you wear a black tank top, a pair of black boots and fringe bag, and e heavy neckpiece.
  • Go for a dreadlock hair extension to bring a hippy look.
  • You can pick a feather ear ring to make this look brighter and fun.
  • Wear big and chunky rings.


If you are practised enough in street shopping, then you can get this look from any famous street shopping areas throughout the country. Wear this look anywhere you want because bohemians are not that basic. So get ready and get out of your house with this look!



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