Stay hangout-ready in this monsoon

Swaralipi Dasgupta

‘Rain’, the word brings diverse feelings to our mind. After a sweaty and sticky summer we keep waiting for an eternal drop from the sky. The moment we think of a rainy day the poetic side of our nature starts arising. Facebook news feed gets filled up with poems and pictures of wet canvas.

Happy Rainy Monsoon

But in reality monsoon does not seem to be this much blissful. The muddy streets, ruined feet, sticky hair, damp cloths compel us to cancel a long awaited hangout plan with friends. Last Saturday I was supposed to go to a movie plan with my girlfriends. I was in my favourite attire that day. But the sticky hair ruined the look. Though I did not cancel my plan but the selfies I clicked was not worthy to upload on instagram. Then I decided to maintain myself so that I do not feel deprived to click selfies in this season. Rainy season has always been one of the best seasons for me. So can I stay at home with just a coffee mug in this season?

I came up with some solutions which should be utilised by everyone.

  • Always keep your hemlines shorter in this season. Ditch those long trousers and let them stay in your wardrobe. Wear ankle length pants, shorts, knee length skirts.
  • Go for heavier weight fabrics so that it does not go transparent in case you get drenched.
  • Avoid light colours like white, sky blue, and baby pink which go transparent easily.
  • Always use body talc after using deodorant to avoid being sticky.
  • Make Crocs your best friend in this season.
  • Keep your feet clean to avoid infection.
  • Secure your hair by doing braid, ponytail, and bun so that your scalp does not get wet easily. Regularly do shampoo with conditioning.
  • Use waterproof make up and keep it minimal with a touch of kajal, mascara and lip gloss. But do not forget to apply sunscreen. If you think your skin would not be affected because it is not a sunny day then you are wrong.
  • Wear bright colures as much as you can. Psychologists say that people get easily depressed in monsoon. So make sure friends around you feel happy after seeing you dressed beautifully.

One thought on “Stay hangout-ready in this monsoon

  1. Well virtual world has taken over us. The article proves it and an interesting way of looking at rainy season. Stay prepared and beautiful.


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